Coming from families with a long agricultural and business background, the brothers Patricio and Ricardo Cerda Solo de Zaldívar founded the fruit exporter Company Cexport.


With more than 30 years of work and executive experience in the productive, technical, commercial and entrepreneurial fields, they have earned prestige in the field and have been recognized for their seriousness, rectitude, professionalism, good personal relations and outstanding values.

Cexport stands out for having a great knowledge in process management and use of technology in the service of business customers. The wide experience in fruit production, business relationships with producers and processing plants, and the impulse in the adoption of new technology, are relevant attributes of its proposal of export management.

Located in the capital of the Chilean fruit sector, Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins Region, Cexport specializes in the provision of fruits of all the qualities required by the most outstanding importing markets in the world, giving them logistic and diverse advantages, mainly due to its proximity to the premises, Orchards production infrastructure and shipping ports.

Cexport was created on the basis of good practices, unrestricted respect for people, and care for the environment, to deliver value in a professional and responsible way from the fruit markets of Chile to the world.


Our business model has an innovative approach with two objetives. First, we want to fulfill the dreams of many producers, who want to connect their fruit businesses to the receivers in the target markets and be able to know details about their own transactions. We also want to satisfy the respective fruit importers from all over the world, who want to access Chilean fruit by knowing more details about its origin and seeing improvement of the fruit in each season.

We want it to be a pleasure to work with us

In our vast experience, we have learned that trust is the cornerstone of any relationship. We deliver a transparent, satisfactory, informed and convenient service. In Cexport, we take charge in an integral way of the chain of processes, transactions and buying and selling, always with the objective of being an ally of the fruit businessmen.

In Cexport, we are what we believe in. Not only our innovative, daring and deeply transparent business model are our central attributes, but, mainly, the warmth and good treatment among all the participants of the business chain are an essential part of our values.


We want you to know the faces of those behind your export process.

Ricardo Cerda Solo de Zaldivar
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Patricio Cerda Solo de Zaldivar
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